Cocktail a la Louisiana

When I was in San-Francisco last year I discovered an awesome cocktail in the ‘tradition‘ bar. Go visit that place when you are in SF, you’ll love it, I promise. When I tried the cocktail ‘a la Louisiana’ I wanted to try it for myself. So I asked for the recipe and I got it. Now I’m posting it here […]

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Not everybody is created equal

A lot has already been written about it, and a lot more will be written about in the future. We have a problem. We can argue that we have a lot of problems, but this one is more striking than any other: The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. This isn’t a good thing I believe, and I’m going to write down why I don’t think that’s a good idea.

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database backup retention script

Backups are important. Not keeping all backups is equally important. Especially when you are taking backups of big databases, and you don’t have enough space to keep 500TB of data backups. Therefore I wrote a script that deletes old backups. I wanted to keep at least one back up / quarter for several years (until I, or someone else cleans […]

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cron issues: not being able to get a real ‘from’ address

And yet another issue with cron. I want to get an e-mail when something goes wrong on our servers. Especially if it’s a scheduled script that I normally don’t check that often any-more. (as you know from my previous post, some of scripts run every 10s, so even if I would check it by hand every hour, a serious backlog […]

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How to run your scripts more than once per minute?

For a client I needed to run a specific script every 10seconds. 24/24 and 7/7. A task I would normally perform with crons. But sadly enough, a cron can only be started once per minute. So I wrote a ‘runner’ script. A script that starts the other script

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Numius wins a prestigious beacon award!

Numius, the company where I work is an important player when it comes to business intelligence in Belgium. Last year we decided to concentrate more on the cloud. We had a lot of in house knowledge already, so why not use it to build a good platform with IBM software and hardware? Early 2011 we decided to start with a […]

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setting the screen resolution

I regularly use a screen that my fedora install doesn’t recognize. I mean, it can’t find the right resolution. And that’s annoying. Luckily there is xrandr to solve such problems. But always using 4 commands is rather annoying, so I made a small script for it.

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Fosdem 2012

Fosdem 2012 is coming near, in a big month probably the biggest open source event in Europe will start again! And as always, Fedora people will visit fosdem with great quantities. So I’m putting a lot of effort in making this the best Fosdem for Fedora people ever. I hear you thinking, how can this event become even better? Well, […]

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things to think about.

Feedback is the breakfast of a champion. Do you what a kitten needs to catch a mouse? Cheese? I hear you thinking. No, the cat has to be hungry. She needs the will to win. Sometimes the cat will win. And get a delicious meal. Sometimes she will loose. But does she gives up? I hope not, she would die […]

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fudcon emea 2011

If you follow me on twitter, you probably already knew I was in Italy last weekend. Milan to be exact. I think this was my first FUDcon where I didn’t give a talk – hacksession myself. Luckily there were enough other sessions happening so I wouldn’t get bored. At the moment I’m in a plane flying to Zurich, where I […]

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