This is a blog of a friend of me, Michiel (#). He posted it on his netlog, but because I think this is beautiful blog post, and I have more visitors than him, he agreed to post this text on my blog. Enjoy reading this, and don’t forget to leave a comment!

In those hours before dawn, I often find myself in my own imaginary world. Dreaming of beauty and strange places. Of a world not bound by the rules of reality, unbound by the limitation of my own self. A world with no limits, only encouragement to go even further into the realms of my own imagination. And so, before the first light of dawn, I find myself flying trough the skies of endless plains, have a cup of thee atop a grand and ancient tree and play a game of cards with pirates,long forgotten. Dolphins greet me in the see, as I skittle it’s surface flying with a giant balloon, slowly travelling trough clouds full of golden spray. I fight with mythical wraith from long ago, and hold the one I love tightly in my arms. And as I open my eyes to see reality, I wonder if it would not be better to stay in those sweet fantasies. To run away from reality and embrace my own worlds as truth. I slumber for many hours, dreaming myself trough countless scene’s, unwilling to accept the inevitable end daylight brings.
For those who know me listen thee, for here is the reason I slowly awake, each day so early in the morning: I do not dream nor do I pursue reality. I simply enjoy living in my own private imaginary world in which I gladly sink away.

Do you have worlds you sink away to? In which you seek refuge from reallity? Worlds of beauty, destruction or neutrality? pleas share them with us, so we can all imagine ourselves even more into our world.