Hello there!

This is my second list about the year 2008. this post will be about blogs or news sites I discovered this year. so, that doesn’t means that these sites started this year, I just discovered them this year, and I read about every post they have posted since I discovered them! :)

  1. Smashing Magazine: If not the best, one of the best blogs on the internet. this blog is all about getting inspiration. but you can also find icons, wallpapers, …, … on smashing magazine! That’s why I think that everyone who is interested in computers should check this blog out!
  2. The next web: This site is all about trends and new cool sites on the internet. So for web developers, this is a site definitely worth following!
  3. Lester blogt: This is the blog of one of my best friends. I like reading his posts, so that’s why he earns place #3 :)
  4. Bright (dutch): a very good lifestyle & technology blog. also check out bright.tv (#)!
  5. Katrien DG blogt: A professional .net blog, with tips and tricks about WPF and Silverlight, event information, …, … . So, if you are interested in .net, this a blog you should check out!
  6. Slashdot: I think this is the oldest site in this list, but I just discovered it recently. it’s a news site (a little bit like tweakers.net (#)).
  7. Nifke blogt (dutch) : this is the blog of a friend of me, and a professional Microsoft geek!
  8. Trendwolves (dutch / English): A web developer needs to stay up to date about the newest trends in the world. Trendwolves is the site of a youth research lab. they publish each year a report about people between 14 and 25.
  9. Silke blogt: just a bullshit and nonsense blog with lots and lots of pictures
  10. Stijn blogt (dutch): another blog of a friend of me. very interesting for people that know him ;)