the 10 biggest fails in the year 2008 according to me:

  1. Belgian politics: we have a complicated country.. and I believe that this is a reason why this country is hard to run. But this year was a really really hard year! Prime minister Leterme offered 2 times the resignation of the federal government. And that’s why I give them the award ‘epic fail of the year 2008’! ;)
  2. world economy: I think everybody knows what I’m talking about.. Yesterday, I found a good presentation about how this crisis started. (#)
  3. oil price: with a top price of over 140$ / barrel, all prices got way too high! but luckely the price is back on a more normal value now.
  4. Tom Boonen: Cocaine, car accidents, you name it, he did it ^^
  5. Michel Fourniret: he won’t rape any children anymore! the sick bastard is in jail now.
  6. olympic games: protest before the games started, fake opening ceremony, …, … I call it a fail
  7. peace treaty gaza – Israel: the treaty was one day over, and they were already shooting rockets at each other..
  8. Geneviève Lhermitte (dutch): this is an almost fail: this crazy bitch is now in prison, after she killed all of her children, but changes were that she would get internated. luckily that didn’t happen (thank you jury!)
  9. Silke’s blog!: because she failed my blog too ^^
  10. this blog!: because I don’t have the visitors count I want to have..