this is my fifth list of things happened in 2008. Today I will give you my opinion about (what I think are) the 10 best movies released this year.

  1. in Bruges: a assassin movie, in the city of  (Belgium). I put this movie on the first place because I really like the conversations, and the almost impossible things happened in this movie.
  2. loft: this is a Belgian production. It’s a very nice movie. maybe me and some friends will have our own loft later (but hopefully without dead women) ;-)
  3. Madagascar 2: an extremely funny movie, especially the penguins!
  4. 10.000BC:  a movie about ancient times, but not very authentic. very nice made though
  5. hancock: This is a real superhero movie! erm, ok, maybe he’s not a hero, but he can do some awesome things ;) I really enjoyed watching it.
  6. Wanted: Some dude who wants to become an assassin. quite nice :)
  7. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan: just a funny movie..
  8. wall-E: This isn’t my favourite movie, but I enjoyed it though (for a dull movie, that is)
  9. Persepolis: just a nice movie..
  10. The Day the Earth Stood Still: quite a nice movie :-)