This is my last survey about the 2008. It will be about the most funny things I encountered this year!

  1. Alex Agnew‘s new show
  2. Willem who would ‘drink me under the table’. we had to carry him back to the street, from there he went alone to his house :)
  3. Lester who had to give a crate of beer after some bet regarding PHP
  4. Michiel who thought he had a girlfriend (epic fail!)
  5. Inne who was to stupid to know we were laughing with her :’)
  6. Dude’s who are even less familiar with girls then I am (somethings very funny, but for the girls maybe annoying).
  7. making some funny video’s (check my YouTube)
  8. Shoofs who called me mr brains in his lessons :’)
  9. stealing Tux from the engineer-students!
  10. the show from neveneffecten!

and last: the year 2008 in photographs (#) and what will 2009 bring? (#)