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If Programming Languages Were Religions

I am registered to the RSS feed of Slashdot (#), a real nerd site! but ok, I am just a nerd Slashdot had an article with the title ‘when Programming languages were Religions’. because Slashdot has such a good discription about the article, I might just quote them here: “With Christmas around the corner I know we are all thinking […]

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msn relationships: they truly own!

I just had some fun with Silke (#) on msn. Because she lives in Austria, a real relationship would be a bit strange and difficult! (and because I love someone else :$) but while we were joking about it, I said just for fun: msn relationships: they own.. She had the idea of making a funpic about it :’) Because […]

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last weeks of 2008

Hi there, I know it’s been a long time since I posted something here. And from now on, I will post in (crappy) English. Why? Because I know some foreign people want to read my blog too (#). She is a very cool girl from Austria It’s my last week of school before Christmas. but after 2 weeks of Christmas […]

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