Today (and this is no April Fools joke) the people at HAR 2009 announced that the early bird sale has been extended for two weeks, due to high ticket sales. They are also lowering the final price to 185 euros. They have already sold over 1000 tickets, and they are aiming for about 2000 ticket sales by the time the event begins in August.

For Americans who have recently found out about this, Nick Farr will be organizing Hackers on a Plane. I can’t say more personally about it, but there is more information in the link below.

Finally, there is still time to submit a paper. If anyone is willing to present something Fedora related, i will try to see if we can find funding for you to come to this event.

I cannot stress enough how diverse of a crowd will be at this event, and how much of a valuable experience it can be. If you are unable to travel so far, there is a similar camp that has been announced recently for the American crowd, called Toorcamp 2009. I will post information about it shortly.

You can read more about this in the following announcement.

please check this page too.

*the I in this post is loupgaroublond So special thanks to him!