Thursday, 8 April I went to Brussels for the first OLPC cafe. Frederic(#) and Bart (#) invited me. I was really interested in the subject, an introduction to the OLPC -One Laptop Per Child-. I had already worked with it, on the fedora boot at Fosdem, but I wanted to learn more about this fantastic machine.


So, I took the train around 3u50 in Ghent-Sint-Pieters to Brussels-Nord, from there I took a ‘lijn’-bus to the NATO buildings, and from there I had to run too the IBM building, where I met Bart. from there we went to the Roxi Bar (#) by car.

around 19h, when the meeting really started, we were with about 15 a 20people.. nobody had expected such a group! there were people from New Zealand, Germany, Rwanda, Morocco,  Italy, …, so that was really nice!

In this first session we got some information about the OLPC project, and about the laptop. Because we were with so many, not everybody could use a OLPC, but sharing one with other people was no problem. We went trough a simple smoke test (#)  -> the ‘Try out a few Activities’ test. even trough this simple test, we found some bugs. that proves why it’s so important to do this tests, and it’s always more fun in a group of people all doing +- the same things!

One thing is for sure, when I can drive along with Bart again, you’ll find me there back next week :)

some more information about the meeting (#)

there will be another meeting next Thursday (but probably at another place), feel free to join us!

a part of the group