the title of a song by Something Corporate (#)…

yes, it’s my birthday today, and guess what, I turned 21 today!

I expected it to be totally different, turning 21, I thought I would have a girlfriend, my first diploma, my own apartment / studio, …, … from this moment,
but I have… well, none of these things ;-)

It seems that I fuck everything up that I try, from lack of courage, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I can’t set my mind for a long time to something, like yeah, I love coding.. but after an hour, I have to do something else, or when studying, I would rather look out the window for an hour.. why? I don’t know, it just doesn’t work for me :(

if someone can help me, please comment to this post ;-)
otherwise, I’ll quote a part of this song that is probably very true for me:

We’re 21 and invincible
Can’t wait to screw this up
We’re 21 and invincible
I’m in power for the hour
I guess today’s gonna blow us away

yes, this is how I feel now ;-)

anyway: happy Birthday to myself!