Yesterday I had a discussion with a good friend (Julie) about other cultures and other religions in Europa, what’s good about it, what’s not so good about it, …

As one can Imagine, we weren’t talking about Jews, but about the Islam. My political view is central-right, and hers is left, so that means that we have a different view on such things, and I thought we had an interesting conversation about it.

So first I want to show you a nice presentation about the history and spreading from the Religions trough the years.

now that we know that, we can go further. In the next clip I’ll show you what is happening now, but be aware, I am quite sure that the clip is made by a right movement, so don’t believe EVERYTHING in it, but I think the essence is true.

So my fear is that when Europe would become a Muslim state, a lot of our knowledge would go lost, because “it isn’t true what we discover according to the Koran”. right… This thought is based on a fragment I saw from ‘weg naar mekka’, a Canvas program (#) (Dutch)

I would be pleased if you shared your thoughts about this subject too :)