hi all!

long time no seen :)
(on this blog at least)
so, what have I done the last week?

I went to Linux-tag in Berlin as a fedora representative. I did some booth work (#), and was planning on attending some English talks, because my German is… … ehm, not good ;-) but I didn’t make it to the talks, I visited the other booths, and socialised with other people in stead. friday was the first day of fudcon, the Fedora users and developers conference. I was the first time I visited fudcon, but I think it was really interesting!
at the first day we did some hacking, we chilled a bit, and we worked on the presentations for the barcamp.
friday was also fudbar, a fedora event in the ‘en passant’, a restaurant in Berlin, were we could enjoy free pizza’s, and meet up with other FOSS people.

Saturday was barcamp day!
I was planning on giving a talk about the fedora ambassadors project, but I changed the subject (wel, max did) to the event box.
after a quick introduction on what the ambassadors project is to some red hat folks that wanted to join this project, we talked with some other (very important) emea ambassadors about our own eventbox, and we made some decisions about it. so I think there will come a fedora-emea event box!
this night I went eating with the Yaakov, Max and some of the Germans in a steakhouse. I thought it was quite expensive, but the steak was great.
afther our meal, we moved to C-base, were the Ubuntu people had there bbq.

Sunday was the hackfest day,
I worked a bit on my own project (devpoint), Jeroen, Chitlesh, and I had a talk about the spin process, and yeah, we chilled a bit ;-)
in the evening we went to some traditional place in Berlin, were we had a good (traditional?) mael, and some decent beer!
I am used to Belgian beer, and well… this was the first beer I had in Berlin that I could compare to Belgian beer.

Monday I had a breakfast at the hotel, and went toghetter with Jesse to the airport. after I checked in, and went to security blablabla, I took a place near to the security.. there I saw a funny thing, some girl had to open her hand luggage because when they scanned the luggage, they saw a strange object.. so she had to take that out, and guess, it was a vibrator! her parents were not amused, and she was totally embarrassed!

that was so cool to watch :D

so, I can say that I had a great time, I am really happy that I was there

you can find the pictures here: (#). you can copy them, and use them, I wouldn’t bother about the facebook license ;-)