Last weekend, I went to the maemo summit in amsterdam, at the westergasfabriek. I can say that it was a very nice location!

maemo summit

I left on thursday evening, after my schoollab, and took the train from Ghent to Antwerp-Berchem. I met a friend (and his colleague)  there, and went for some food (French fries) in a local place. From there, we drove to the ibis hotel, in Amsterdam, next to the central station. after checking in around 23h, we went to the beer event, were I saw some familiar faces, like Lennart and Dimitriz.

the next day, after breakfast we went to the westergasfabriek. we arrived there at about 9h30, went to the registrations were we got a T-shirt, some information about amsterdam,the event, and moved to the N900 room (how original). We were right on time, we took one of the last available seats, and were ready for the talks. At the end of the second talk, the speaker announced that we would all get a nokia N900. As one can imagine, the audience went crazy! the third talk was from Jim Zemlin, Executive Director @ Linux Foundation, who gave a talk about why linux will prevail. I found that talk really interesting! while we had lunch, we could get our brand new nokia n900, and some skype gear, like a webcam and a some ear buts. I can say that most people paid more attention to there phone than to the talks ;)

during the evening we teamed up with another fedorian who is living in Amsterdam, and went to an italian place to grab some food, and went to the nokia party around 22h, were we met some new people. (and found out that you can buy Jupiler in some places in Amsterdam :P )

on Saterday the community day started (an let us be honest, we ARE community people). after the keynotes, I went to the N800 room to hear some talks about GTKmm and QT (webkit integration). After hearing these talks I’m considering trying some things with QT, for maemo. After lunch we went to the N900 room were we watched some ligtning talks, and for the rest of that day we kept following the main track. that evening we met Andreas again(the fedorian). He was accompanied by  2 americans who were couch surfing at his house. after the free drinks that Nokia offered us, we ate a steak (wich was delicious!) and drank a Whiskey at a specialised bar.I think it was the first time I drunk one . we ended our evening at a coffee shop ;-).

the gang ;-)

on sunday, Dieter needed some more sleep, so it was around 11h when we were there. but I think we didn’t mis much (only the showcase of some applications). from then on we’ve stayed in the main track. I only doubted about the last talk (I was interested in the telepathy talk), but I couldn’t miss my friend Dimitriz talk. although he had some timing problems ;-) After the ‘grand finale’ we found out that alot of bugs are fixed in Fremantle ;-). We said some guys goodbye, and we drove home (thank you Dieter!)

so yeah, I can look back on a great summit! see you again next year, maemo people!

you can find some more information here: http://wiki.maemo.org/Maemo_Summit_2009