Yesterday we had the first Fedora event in Belgium. Reason to hold one was the release of Fedora 12.

the event took place in  a Don Bosco school, in Antwerp (Wilrijk), and I want to thank them once again for making this possible!

We had something between 20 and 25 people attending.. that was nice, although I expected some more people.. We had food (chips, cheese, bread), and drinks at the place, to make the event somewhat more enjoyable.

after my talk Bart got the idea of forming a ‘getting-to-know-each-other’ circle, I think that in this way we got some people interested in joining the fedora community.

As a last ‘surprise’, Martin showed up, and the crowd was really interested in his talk about OLPC.. Luckily for us, he brought some olpc’s, and he let us play with them :-)

thanks to all people who attended the event, and let’s hope we can make a strong Belgian Fedora Community out of it!

* you can find my presentation here