Like most of you probably know, I leaved yesterday for Toronto, Canada to meet some Fedora friends at fudcon.

I waked up around 8am, way to late to be comfortable off course, but things luckily worked out right. After I had a fast breakfast, My father brought me to the train station, were I met some classmates. There I discovered not everybody knew about my plans… I think that guy lives in the past or something ;-). when I arrived in Brussels South railway station, I had to search the check-in for Air France.. that wasn’t fun, but I managed to find it right in time.. I got my tickets for the Thalys, and my boarding pass for the plane. I was happy about my place in the plane, it is the place I chose the day before.. (I just love to sit next to the window). My ride on the Thalys was quite awesome.. First class, electricity, a free drink, … . Yep, it was quite nice. When I arrived in Paris, Charles de Gaulles, I searched my right gate immediately, luckily it wasn’t difficult to follow the signs ;-)

We were brought to the plane (an airbus 340-300) with a bus.. /me doesn’t like that! but ok, the plane was nice… but I was a bit disappointed I had no electricity :-( I was sitting next to the window (whoop whoop, clouds are so cool!). off course, there was also one person sitting next to me, an older woman, but she was kind of fun.. So, my flight was pretty enjoyable, with video, music, food, drinks, …

When I arrived in Toronto, I had to go to immigration (but I don’t know why), and after some question about what I was doing in Toronto, she noticed that you can find a lot about me in the interwebs.. oh wow, who would have thought that? ;-) When I finally got out the airport, some other fedorians were already waiting on me. how awesome is that? We went with a taxi to the hotel… well, with 2 taxis, because we couldn’t fit 7people in one..

after meeting with the Fedorians already in the Hotel, we went to the ‘Irish pub’.. A lot of pub, almost no Irish ;-)  We had dinner there, and my first impression about Canada is: the food is awful :( but I hope I’ll survive anyway… Off course there was also traditional Irish music like ‘I like big buts’ :D

I went to bed around 1am local time, so I was about 23h awake in total, and I wasn’t really Jetlagged..