Fudcon takes place at the senecca college, in Toronto. What a modern an beautiful college it is! so, yesterday was barcamp day. I think there were about 200people attending this FUDcon, so that was very nice. We started off with pitching the talks. I pitched 3 talks:
* How to install Fedora (slides)
* How to add and remove software in Fedora
* How to join our community (together with Yaakov)

My first presentation was a real presentation, just let openoffice do the work :-) there were about 25people attending, so I was happy about that!
My second talk was about how to use packagekit, but also how to install xchat, go to #fedora.. I was really happy the people started asking questions, that way I could give tips they really care about. My third talk was again different, there were only 7people, and most of them were already enrolled. But I heard Iwan was even less fortunate, nobody showed up on how Fedora community works.

In the evening we went to the Dave and Busters.. it’s a bar, but what a difference with the bars I’m used in Belgium, so huge! I like the Belgian bars more ;-) Anyhow, we played some eight-ball and had some food and drinks, so that was nice.. When I went back to the hotel around 11pm, I moved the hospitality room in the hotel, to hack on some things.

I went to sleep around 2am, and now I’m still a bit tired, while I’m writing this blog post ;-)