Two weekends ago, I went to clt. Man, what a great event was that!

On Friday, around 9am, I took the car, and drove to Chemnitz. After picking up Yaakov and Gregory in Eindhoven, and Christoph in Dortmund we arrived at the hotel around 7pm. While driving trough Germany, I was astonished by the scenic landscape, and I found out that my old car isn’t really powerful enough for the German mountains. After a meal in a little restaurant, we went to a brewery were we linked up with other fedora, centos, xfce people.

On Saturday I met Christoph, Robert and Joerg in the lobby of the hotel. We arrived at the university around 8h30 am, and there were already a lot of people. After setting up the boot, I went to the ‘contributors-room’ provided by the clt organisation. There we could could enjoy a nice breakfast. During the day I talked to some people, got to know some Fedora people, and talked to the visitors about Fedora and load.

Saturday evening We went to the social event. We sat together with our centos friends, and had a beer (or more than one). After some beers (according to Ralph: after to much beer), Yaakov started building a fish out of the beer caps.

Sunday was a bit of the same as saturday, but I had a good time again. In the evening we had a nice meal in our hotel. We went to bed early because we had a long trip ahead of us tomorrow!