so, what started as an event for the local – Belgian – Linux sys admins ended up as a -small- event with some top notch international speakers and visitors from all over Europe. I met some people from Austria, UK, France, Germany, … .

Thanks to Robert Keersse we had a great location – Don Bosco Werken en Leren – with great catering for the visitors as well as for the speakers and crew.

On Saturday Kris Buytaert opened the conference with a short talk about devops. After the opening talk we were proud to have the first European talk about CHEF by Joshua Timberman. You can view a list of all our talks here. On Saturday evening, we had a book raffle where we handed out O’Reilly books. To conclude our evening at the event location we had some free pizza and beer. The perfect combination for a geeky weekend! ;-) We finished our evening at a bar in Wilrijk.

On Sunday there was one talk that needed to be cancelled, Pieter Colpaert couldn’t make it because of a train crash. I had an open space about ‘Linux and education’ and learned a lot about the differences between colleges in Europe and the US. But we all have still a long way to go.

We had a lot of positive comments, so there will probably be a second version of Load.

I still want to thank the crew, all speakers and the visitors for making this all happen!