Yesterday we had our second Fedora release party. This time the event was held in Ghent, at our beloved hackerspace .

I arrived around 5.30pm, almost together with Vincent. He started out with placing the PXE boot server, and I went out hanging Fedora banners around the place, so people would find the venue in the labyrinth.

We expected some new people because the date of our event felt together with with the end of puppetcamp. But there were some regular Fedora attendees too. Around 8pm I asked Kris to order some pizzas via just-eat (he already has an account there). The regular hackerspace people were surprised we we ate 13 pizza’s.

After the food I gave a quick presentation about Fedora 13, without any real preparation. In the end I talked about:
* Fedora 13 one page release notes
* Fedora Spins
* FUDcon
I also want to thank Francesco Crippa for helping me with the talk.

After my talk Dag Wieers gave a lightning talk about his tool Dstat. In the end his talk lasted more than one hour. He showed us a nice demo of Dstat’s features. It was really cool because we weren’t even sure Dag would come.

After his talk it was time for some regular chit chat, and share some business cards ;)

A big thank you to the hackerspace people and all visitors.

you can find pictures here.