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First Linux to appear in Flemish comic series ?

This is something I found via Dag Wieers. But this is so awesome, I had to write a post about this. Dag found that Linux is mentioned in the last publication of De Kiekeboes, a flemish comic for children. apparently he is running RHEL 5 next to Win XP Pro.. I wonder why he still needs Win XP then? But […]

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SELinux workshop @ 0x20 update

Oh God, what do I love democracy! according to the doodle, the preferred day for the SELinux workshop is July 8. This is a Thursday. The workshop will start around 7pm, and will take place at 0x20. Everybody is welcome!

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setting up my home / test infrastructure

Some time ago I bought a server (well, a set of computer parts I put together to what I now call ‘my server’). The hardware specifications are the following: CPU: Intel C2D E6300 @ 2.8 GHz ram: 7986 MB (667MHz) ASUS P5Q PRO gpu: MSI NS7600GT (256MB ram on board // passive cooled) hard disk: 7x WD 1TB black (hw […]

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SELinux workshop @ 0x20

I’m plannning to hold a workshop on SELinux at hs Ghent, also called 0x20 . If you are interested in joining us, please fill in the doodle. Note that we prefer to not hold the workshop on a Thursday, but is a possibility. The workshop will last something between 3 and 4 hours (depending on # questions and interest) and […]

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2 days ago I saw a post on Matthew‘s blog about what books he is reading at the moment. I was wondering if this too could become a Fedora meme? let’s try it! These are the books I am currently reading: Fedora 13 security – enhanced Linux (chapter 4) Foundations of IT service management (chapter 3) Red Hat RPM Guide […]

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Math isn’t hard, or is it?

Today, while I was browsing the web I encountered this piece of math: a = b a + a = a + b 2a = a + b 2a – 2b = a + b – 2b 2(a – b) = a + b – 2b 2(a – b) = a – b 2 = 1 On first sight you […]

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devops devops devops?

This was the opening of Devopsdays 2009. Quite a funny clip isn’t it? But what is a devop actually? Kris Buytaert is an expert on the subject, and I found a nice presentation of him explaining the concept: Devops Devops Devops View more presentations from Kris Buytaert. DevOps is not about operators or developers, it is about how to get […]

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