This was the opening of Devopsdays 2009. Quite a funny clip isn’t it? But what is a devop actually? Kris Buytaert is an expert on the subject, and I found a nice presentation of him explaining the concept:

DevOps is not about operators or developers, it is about how to get things done the right way. DevOps is also about how operators talk to developers, but is not about an operator who becomes a developer and visa versa.

A dev team that follows the DevOps principle, talks to the operators during the development of the applications. What do we need? What can we get? Doing you development on the same machines as the ones the production runs on, is always good. You find the bugs faster, you find other issues faster, and you end up with a better product, while you shorten the development time.

I’m already looking forward to the next devopsdqys in Europe. I just might join them to learn more, and share my own thoughts about the subject.