Some time ago I bought a server (well, a set of computer parts I put together to what I now call ‘my server’). The hardware specifications are the following:

  • CPU: Intel C2D E6300 @ 2.8 GHz
  • ram: 7986 MB (667MHz)
  • gpu: MSI NS7600GT (256MB ram on board // passive cooled)
  • hard disk: 7x WD 1TB black (hw raid 5) + 2xMaxtor DiamondMax10 (soft raid 1)
  • psu: Corsair 450W
  • raid controller: ARECA ARC-1222 PCI-Express X8

I know the GPU is ‘a bit’ overkill, but I had this card laying around, so I might as well use it then :)

In a series of posts I will try to explain how I configure my server. If any of my readers have good ideas, let me know!

these are the things my server has to do:

  • being a hypervisor (KVM) [Centos]
  • firewall [Astaro]
  • mail server (Zarafa)[centos]
  • file & media server (Samba)[centos]
  • integration of Zarafa and Samba with Openldap
  • easy deployment of vm’s for testing (cobbler / koan)
  • monitoring (nagios)
  • package building (koji & mock) [fedora 13]
  • access from outside the network (vpn)
  • maybe things I will think of later, of suggestions you guys give me.

feel free to call me stupid, but I would rather have tips or cool information on the things I want to do. I already have some experience with most tools, but maybe the ‘best practices’ are different. I need these tools, and I want to challenge myself.