In 2 months, September 17 tot 19 to be exact, FUDcon EMEA will take place again.

I’m pretty excited about it because there are some great things on the program! To start with there will be the normal barcamp sessions and hackfest like you are used to from normal fudcons, but as an extra there will be some lightning talks before the hackfests. This way people can attract new people to their hackfest, and introduce small and new project to a broad audience. As always with FUDcons everyone is free to host an own session.. so if you have something cool and/or important to share with the world, just add your session to this list.

If that didn’t convince you yet, maybe the following activities that are planned will:

  • Friday: Wired Dream Party
  • Saturday: FUDPub
  • Monday (if you want to stay): visiting CERN (99% sure)

And if that isn’t good enough, we combine our conference with FrOSCamp, so you can be sure you won’t only see Fedora people, but people from all sorts of projects and cultures..

I’m sure it will rock!

Did I convince you now? go and sign up here.

Hope to see you there ;-)