got up at 6h30 (which was an hour later than I wanted to get up :( ) and hurried to the train in Oudenaarde.. From there on I travelled to Brussels, Paris (with the Thalys) which as a nice trip.. I had electricity on the train, and apparently tethering works out of the box on my n900 and Fedora 13. WIN (although I had to stop using the interwebs once I entered France, roaming is a bit to expensive). Arriving in France I figured out the TGV to Zurich starts from another station. Way to go nmbs, selling me these tickets -_-. So I had to pay to use the metro to the other station, arriving there just on time to get the train to Zurich.
They had a nice sign on the train, which said that the electrical plug would work next time I use the train (how do they now? o.0).

Around 3pm I finally arrived in Zurich (woooth, 8hours on a train?) and toured a bit around ‘Central’. At 4pm I met the girl, who will let me use her couch during the night.

(picture from Máirín )

The plan to tour a bit around the city failed, because the first street we went it, we met the Red Hat guys. After a chat and a drink we went to the FUDcon building where we helped Sandro setting up the place.

Because Spot was really tired we decided to go back to the hotel, so I had to take the train to Melanie’s place. (the public transport system in Zurich is really nice!)