pom pom pom!
although I disagree with some things about the organisation of FUDcon this year in EMEA, it is still an event full of awesomeness! I’ll give you a list (with proves where applayable) about all the awesomeness I have experienced.

1. The fails.
yes, even fails can be considered awesome sometimes. Like the first day, Thursday, I was in Zurich. I was walking with Melanie (the woman where I stayed that night, on her couch) trough Zurich, and while we were walking through some famous street, I suddenly heard some familiar voices. The Red Hat people from the US! So I go to their table, to say hi, and I said something like: oh, and where is the Fedora Project leader? Of course or new FPL, Jared Smith was sitting at the same table. Thus this was the first fail for me.

Or the next day, when I went eating in the evening with oa Jeroen. When we went outside again, I made the remark to Jeroen about how Swiss girls behave like Dutch girls while looking at some girls.. Guess what? It were Dutch girls.. (also, this proves my point that you can find the Dutch pretty much everywhere)

When I was doing booth duty, some guy came to me with the message: FEDORA SUCCCCKKKKKSSSSSSSS. I was like: yeah, maybe, if it’s your opinion, but just out of curiosity, why does it suck? So he starts telling that he works for big blue, and that he wanted to install the Fedora remix/spin/fork/whatever that IBM provides, because he also thinks Windows sucks. But he was still forced to use Windows because lotus notes wouldn’t work on his Fedora install. I took his laptop, opened a terminal asked him to become root and checked his logs. I couldn’t find a thing. Strange.. So next thing I did was finding where the binary was located. He said something like ‘yeah, you can’t start it from the console, because you can’t find the binary’. Yeah right, anyway, I started Lotus Notes, and the message ‘cannot be run under the root account’ appeared. And then it struck me, he logs in via gdm (which looks like a custum gdm) as root. Of course everything worked just fine under a normal user. Funniest fact is that he hates IBM because all his colleagues are stupid. I didn’t reply on that comment ;-)

2. The wins.
From the day before the event I already met the crazy FreeBSD guy. He tried to convince us to donate to the BSD foundation by giving us ‘signed’ cookies. I don’t think he was able to convince one guy in the event to donate (well, not from the people who were behind a booth of some other project anyway), but his cookies were delicious! *win*

The same guy had the fantastic idea to give everyone who had booth duty the Devil horns, and went filming everyone. Awesomeness all over if you ask me. *win* I am still searching the video, and yes, I will share it here :-)

Photo by Máirín Duffy

After my booth duty on Saturday I went outside with Adriana where she sprayed my hair blue. jepla! In return I coloured her hair too. As you can see on the picture, my hair wasn’t that blue..  A big part about FUDcon is about meeting people too, and doing some crazy stuff together with the people you only see online for the most part. *win*

Photo by Máirín Duffy

One of the czech Red Hat’ers thought I looked stupid with the BSD devil horns I think, because he gave me his Red Hat, which I could use for one evening and morning. Whatever you think about Red Hat, you must admit that the hat is awesome. It felt really great when I was in the tram in the morning with the hat on. I guess it’s all about the style!

Photo by Adriana

To finish my wins, a small troll. OpenSuse booth powered by Fedora! But it was also nice to see that everything just worked out of the box. Btw: the OpenSuse guys who attented the event were just cool people. I’m looking forward to see them again.

3. To do’s
You might think that working isn’t awesome (well, indeed, it isn’t), but I’ll conclude my list of awesome things at FUDcon with things I’m planning to do in this and next release cycle.
3.1. I saw that the Spin sig needs help, well, after I resigned from the SIG, I am seriously considering to go back, and help them out. But I’m not planning on becoming the wrangler again. Ps Jareth: You own me something for this ;-)
3.2. During my bartalk, I had some 20people attending I think (a full classroom anyway), so people are really interested in Video Streaming in an open source way. So we’ll start something new in Fedora. The goal? Getting everything ready and figured out before FUDcon Tempe in the end of January.
3.3 I promised Jeroen to help him make the Koji documentation fool proof before December.
3.4 After the flamewar in the Campus Ambassador session, I realized that some things still have to happen. Let’s do them asap, so I can resign from this sub project. Since I’m not a student anymore..

I promise that I will blog regulary about the progress I make in all these to do’s, so keep checking my blog ;-)