hello peeps :-)

yesterday was the first day of FrosCamp/FUDcon in Zurich. I must say, the people who are here are nice people.  Our booth is located next to the Sidux booth, and we are making a bit of fun, and look after each other booth if necessary. I also met up with the OpenSuse guys, who are really cool and social people. Maybe that is because we share a lot of the same interests in the Free Software realm, unlike some other distro’s who I wont mention now ;-). In front of our booth is the FreeBSD / PCBSD booth. They give out signed cookies. sadly enough they don’t have a key to verify if the key is valid o.0. That doesn’t sound safe to me! The downside of this event? not a lot op visitors. Maybe that is because was Friday, and most people had to work, we’ll see today..

FUDcon today was all about talks and sessions.. I don’t know, it seems better to start with the barcamp, so we can work in the weekend on the stuff we found out during the barcamp, but hey.. scheduled talks are awesome too, because you can correspond them to the public. I gave my SELinux talk here, but I wasn’t to happy about it, should fix some things before next week, where I’m going to give about the same presentation at  Kosovo Freedom.

The discussion about the campus ambassador project I planned turned out into a war between ‘yeah, we want it to be a part of ambassador project’ and ‘no, it should be a SIG’ *sigh*

In the evening there was the Wired Dreams Party, which was pretty boring, so after an hour or something we went to get some food here in Zurich together with some Fedora people, and we joined our OpenSuse friends at the table. At the table Jeroen offered me a bet in his hotel room, which I happily accepted!

time for day 2 now :-)