Friday evening I went to my favourite hackerspace (for now anyway ;-)) to celebrate the fact that we now exist for one year.  The attendees were mostly members and some members from the other spaces in Belgium. Mostly. I met up with a British guy <need to insert name here> and went for some real french (Belgian) fries. Due to my perfect timing we mist the only talk the evening, the Jahresrückblick. Let’s see if I can make it next year.

On Saturday the second part of newline, the conference, began. Because not a lot of people were already at the venue at 1pm, we moved the schedule with half an hour. Which was good. After a short introduction talk by fs111 and sandb I gave my talk on ‘how to gain karma’

I think the presentation went fairly well, but as they video taped the whole thing I guess you’ll be able to decide that for yourself later.

Later on I talked to some more people, and attended some more talks.

Around 7pm another Bert arrived and we went on to the ‘wok dynasty’ for the ugov new years meal. Delicious wok was delicious. Although I still have to learn how to eat with chopsticks ;-)

Around midnight I went back to space and met up with a girl called Marcia. Apparently she is a student in Kortrijk and wants to start a hackerspace over there. Something that would be totally awesome, and we’ll see if we can make it happen. YES WE CAN is the obvious answer of course ;-) [famous last words]

one last note: everyone who didn’t attend newline was wrong. It was a really good event on so many levels.