Numius, the company where I work is an important player when it comes to business intelligence in Belgium. Last year we decided to concentrate more on the cloud. We had a lot of in house knowledge already, so why not use it to build a good platform with IBM software and hardware?

Early 2011 we decided to start with a stack based on IBM Cognos, IBM DB2, SLES and IBM system X servers.

And we made the right call. As you can see on our website we already won some prizes with our cloud solution, but this one tops all our awards. This is like winning an Oscar. But then delivered by IBM. And they call it the ‘Beacon’ awards. We won in the category of Cloud Application Provider.

I’m not only excited about this, but also I’m also proud that I work at a company where there is an atmosphere of winning. Of moving forward, of  doing the right thing.
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