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Fedora 14 & Enterprise Linux release event

Fedora 14 is released! what a happy day for all of us! Get is here To celebrate this, we’ll have a release event again in Belgium. Our schedule is ready (but I don’t promise it’s *fixed*, if you have something cool to talk about, please let me know so we can fit it in..) As this event is not only […]

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tech monday 1

Tomorrow the first Tech Monday will take place at Kaho Sint-Lieven. The college I used to go to. Tech monday is organised by Celia, the computer club I used to be the president of. Anyway, if you still don’t have anything to do tomorrow evening, and you are interested in what Free Culture means, or the newest evolutions about Linux […]

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a hoi all! This weekend I’m in Kosovo to speak about SELinux at SFK 10. Yesterday I went to our weekly hacker space meeting and missed the last train home, so stayed there all night. So with only one hour of sleep I got on the train to Brussels. As always, public transport fucked me over again, I had to […]

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FUDcon EMEA: all awesomeness in one blogpost

pom pom pom! although I disagree with some things about the organisation of FUDcon this year in EMEA, it is still an event full of awesomeness! I’ll give you a list (with proves where applayable) about all the awesomeness I have experienced. 1. The fails. yes, even fails can be considered awesome sometimes. Like the first day, Thursday, I was […]

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FUDcon EMEA day #3

day 3: Barcamp day. Normally barcamps are held the first day, and because I have the feeling this FUDcon wasn’t really productive, I think we should get them back to the first day. by the way, the organisation of the event was perfect! So I’m not criticising that. My barcamp session was about creating a system to stream video to […]

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FUDcon EMEA day #2

Day 2 was more of the same I got up, showered and showed up at the venue around 8.30am to set up the booth again. The crazy FreeBSD guy gave everyone who had booth service at that time the BSD devil horns. After some hours at the booth I went with Adriana outside, where she sprayed my hair blue-ish. I […]

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FUDcon EMEA day #1

hello peeps yesterday was the first day of FrosCamp/FUDcon in Zurich. I must say, the people who are here are nice people.  Our booth is located next to the Sidux booth, and we are making a bit of fun, and look after each other booth if necessary. I also met up with the OpenSuse guys, who are really cool and […]

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FUDcon EMEA 2010 day #0

got up at 6h30 (which was an hour later than I wanted to get up ) and hurried to the train in Oudenaarde.. From there on I travelled to Brussels, Paris (with the Thalys) which as a nice trip.. I had electricity on the train, and apparently tethering works out of the box on my n900 and Fedora 13. WIN […]

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iRail hackathon

Hi all! A friend of me, Pieter Colpaert, is one of the core developers on iRail. I don’t know if you all followed the buzz around iRail, but iRail is more alive than ever! And because they want to get that extra push, they are organizing a hackathon at Whitespace on Friday 17 September from 18h. I won’t be able […]

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FUDcon EMEA 2010 and lightning talks

In 2 months, September 17 tot 19 to be exact, FUDcon EMEA will take place again. I’m pretty excited about it because there are some great things on the program! To start with there will be the normal barcamp sessions and hackfest like you are used to from normal fudcons, but as an extra there will be some lightning talks […]

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