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Not everybody is created equal

A lot has already been written about it, and a lot more will be written about in the future. We have a problem. We can argue that we have a lot of problems, but this one is more striking than any other: The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. This isn’t a good thing I believe, and I’m going to write down why I don’t think that’s a good idea.

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Why the visa system sucks (hard)

According to wikipedia, e Visa is the following: A visa (from the Latin charta visa, lit. “paper that has been seen”[1]) is an indication that a person is authorized to enter the territory for which it was “issued”, subject to permission of an immigration official at the time of actual entry. The authorization may be a document, but more commonly […]

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devops devops devops?

This was the opening of Devopsdays 2009. Quite a funny clip isn’t it? But what is a devop actually? Kris Buytaert is an expert on the subject, and I found a nice presentation of him explaining the concept: Devops Devops Devops View more presentations from Kris Buytaert. DevOps is not about operators or developers, it is about how to get […]

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quiting school?

arch, I don’t know… I have one of those ‘I should quit school’ days.. And just today I saw a post on planet fedora from Mel Chua . She is not alone one of the most awesome geek girls I know, but she also helped me out a couple of times already. (big thank you Mel!) The title of her […]

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Get to know a Fedora Ambassador or User

boink boink boink boink boink Name: Bert “bret” Desmet IRC nickname: biertie IRC channels: #fedora, #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-social, #fedora-nl, #fedora-devel on freenode; #cfk, #ict on Quakenet Location: Ghent, Belgium

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Religions -the past & and the future-

Yesterday I had a discussion with a good friend (Julie) about other cultures and other religions in Europa, what’s good about it, what’s not so good about it, … As one can Imagine, we weren’t talking about Jews, but about the Islam. My political view is central-right, and hers is left, so that means that we have a different view […]

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My personal top 10 of things that made me laugh in the year 2008

This is my last survey about the 2008. It will be about the most funny things I encountered this year! Alex Agnew‘s new show Willem who would ‘drink me under the table’. we had to carry him back to the street, from there he went alone to his house Lester who had to give a crate of beer after some […]

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my personal top 10 of things that made me happy in the year 2008

This is another personal list, but this time I will be about things I have encountered, so maybe these things won’t say much to you (if you don’t know me) getting to know some new people getting compliments of other people getting my drivers licence passing my first year ICT starting to work again on Devnox (#) with Lester (#) […]

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my personal top 10 of movies released in the year 2008

this is my fifth list of things happened in 2008. Today I will give you my opinion about (what I think are) the 10 best movies released this year. in Bruges: a assassin movie, in the city of  (Belgium). I put this movie on the first place because I really like the conversations, and the almost impossible things happened in […]

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my personal top 10 of software released in the year 2008

this will be another nerdy post, indeed! My own top 10 of software released this year: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (Windows): Simply the best editor on Windows! If you use this software, you know what I’m talking about. Be sure to also check out the ‘Source Code Outliner Power Toy’ (#) Fedora 10 (Linux): My favorite operating system. But […]

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