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muppet lip dub

A funny video I found on the interwebs.. where are the times when we all watched the The Muppet Show with miss piggy and the other puppets? I hope you like the clip! Muppet Lip Dub! from Statler & Waldorf on Vimeo.

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happy me

I think that the people that now me, know that I’m ALWAYS happy.. Ok, maybe not always, but 99% of the time, I will be happy! so here is a picture that illustrates that:

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Fosdem 2009

I’m going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting! Who will be there too? maybe we can go together!

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pingu disco!

I just discovered this song on YouTube. It is just fantastic! I think it has the potential to become a hype on the Internet.. but we’ll see! enjoy!

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de coolste priester!

Dit moet zonder twijfel de coolste priester van België zijn! dit komt uit een fragment van het Belgische ‘man bijt hond’ enjoy!

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the new year

A song I just rediscovered. And I want to share it with you guys!

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time is ticking…

Time is ticking… And we can’t go back. this is a blog by Lien (#). Because it’s such a beautiful blog, I wanted to share it here too. A simple sentence with such much truth in it. when i look out my window, and i see cars passing by ,drivers who are shouting at each other to drive faster, people […]

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My personal top 10 of things that made me laugh in the year 2008

This is my last survey about the 2008. It will be about the most funny things I encountered this year! Alex Agnew‘s new show Willem who would ‘drink me under the table’. we had to carry him back to the street, from there he went alone to his house Lester who had to give a crate of beer after some […]

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my personal top 10 of things that made me happy in the year 2008

This is another personal list, but this time I will be about things I have encountered, so maybe these things won’t say much to you (if you don’t know me) getting to know some new people getting compliments of other people getting my drivers licence passing my first year ICT starting to work again on Devnox (#) with Lester (#) […]

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my personal top 10 of movies released in the year 2008

this is my fifth list of things happened in 2008. Today I will give you my opinion about (what I think are) the 10 best movies released this year. in Bruges: a assassin movie, in the city of  (Belgium). I put this movie on the first place because I really like the conversations, and the almost impossible things happened in […]

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