my personal top 10 of ‘epic fails’ in the year 2008

the 10 biggest fails in the year 2008 according to me: Belgian politics: we have a complicated country.. and I believe that this is a reason why this country is hard to run. But this year was a really really hard year! Prime minister Leterme offered 2 times the resignation of the federal government. And that’s why I give them […]

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mission #84: once not finishing last with bowling

I just discovered a draft (a not-finished blog post) on my site. The draft is like 2months old, but because it was about a mission, I decided to post is anyway. on 31/10/2008, I went bowling with my KLJ (#). At first, I didn’t liked the idea of bowling, because, well, euh, I _SUCK_ atbowling! But ok, This was one […]

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my personal top 10 of blogs / news sites I discovered this year

Hello there! This is my second list about the year 2008. this post will be about blogs or news sites I discovered this year. so, that doesn’t means that these sites started this year, I just discovered them this year, and I read about every post they have posted since I discovered them! Smashing Magazine: If not the best, one […]

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my personal top 10 of music released this year

first: I wish everybody a merry Xmas and a happy new year! In the following days, I will post some ‘top-10′ lists, about things that happened / released in the past year. today, I will post my first list. Because I am such a music freak, my first list will be about music. MGMT – Electric Feel Ting Tings – […]

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If Programming Languages Were Religions

I am registered to the RSS feed of Slashdot (#), a real nerd site! but ok, I am just a nerd Slashdot had an article with the title ‘when Programming languages were Religions’. because Slashdot has such a good discription about the article, I might just quote them here: “With Christmas around the corner I know we are all thinking […]

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msn relationships: they truly own!

I just had some fun with Silke (#) on msn. Because she lives in Austria, a real relationship would be a bit strange and difficult! (and because I love someone else :$) but while we were joking about it, I said just for fun: msn relationships: they own.. She had the idea of making a funpic about it :’) Because […]

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last weeks of 2008

Hi there, I know it’s been a long time since I posted something here. And from now on, I will post in (crappy) English. Why? Because I know some foreign people want to read my blog too (#). She is a very cool girl from Austria It’s my last week of school before Christmas. but after 2 weeks of Christmas […]

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Visual Studio 2008 truukje!

Stel: je bent bezig aan een project in C#, en je gebruikt meerdere namespaces, wat doe je dan? idd: using NamespaceName; daar vanboven ergens toevoegen ofwel NamespaceName.Methodenaam(ofzo) Maar het kan makkelijker, als je bvb de te gebruiken methode kent, maar je vergeet eventjes in welke namespace die zit, of je bent gewoon vergeten dat je daarvoor een andere namespace gebruikt, […]

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MSDN Roadshow – In-Person event Silverlight 2 en WPF

Gisteren (16/10) ben ik voor de eerste keer in mijn nog jonge leven naar een microsoft In-Person event geweest. Het event maakte deel uit van de MSDN Roadshow dat de nieuwe Silverlight2 (#) moest voorstellen. Het seminarie werd gegeven door Katrijn De Graeve (#), Microsoft Evangelist. Of ze echt zo katholiek overtuigd was over Microsoft heb ik haar niet durven […]

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opdracht #1: rijbewijs B halen

Inderdaad, mijn 2de opdracht dat ik kan afwerken! Wat ben trots ^^ soit, kheb dus inderdaad eindelijk mijn B, wat in praktijk waarschijnlijk vooral betekend dat ik na vele jaren profiteren nogal veel BOB zal mogen spelen soit, het kan mij niet echt schelen, het moest er ooit van komen hé! dit weekend trouwens 25fr fuif, waar ik mijn eerste […]

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